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3 Easy DIY Metal Wine Rack Projects That Anyone Can Make

When we think about metal, we often think about structures that last a long time. There’s no doubt that this material is sturdy, and that is why we will be talking about DIY metal wine rack projects in this post. Even though there are plastic and wood alternatives, the ones made from metal are bound to last longer. Don’t worry. They’ll be really easy projects. There’s no need to ask for assistance from a family member or neighbor this time. It’s going to be a solo effort that you can finish in less than an hour. Once you’ve built your first, increasing the capacity will almost be effortless.

Tin Can Wine Rack

Tin is a soft metal. It is tremendously resistant to corrosion. However, it is also crushable and bendable. Evidently, it’s not the toughest type of metal. In spite of this, it’s still hard to ignore the fact you can make a wine rack out of them. Tin cans are so accessible these days that almost everyone just throws them away after use. The medium-sized ones that are more than 3 inches in diameter are a perfect fit for the wine bottle. After you’ve saved enough of these cans, you’ll be able to stack them to get a bigger capacity wine rack. Watch the 2-minute video below for more information on the type of cans to look for as well as other tools you need.

Metal Rod Wine Rack

What can you do with plumbing pipes and flanges? You guessed it right! You can also build a DIY metal wine rack out of them. It’s such a brilliant concept that you can turn your entire wall into a rack if you get addicted to it (photo by Mark Beattie licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Plumbing Pipe and Flange

Click here to see the final look.

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

Aluminum is the most plentiful metal on earth. It doesn’t rust and is incredibly convenient to handle. It’s the material of choice in the aerospace industry.

You’ll know when aluminum corrodes when it’s usual glimmer becomes dull. It’s not a concern though, as there are products available in the market that can remove the corrosion and restore it to it’s previous shine. Because of this, an aluminum wine rack can be an ideal holder of your wines. With the right tools, a simple aluminum tube can turn into this (photo by Patrick Talbert licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0):

Wall Mounted Aluminum Wine Rack

So there you have it. These 3 DIY metal wine rack projects are easy to do and don’t put a lot of strain to your wallet.

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